Thursday, May 21, 2009


I already have a blog for my artwork featuring exhibition announcements, my cv, etc. at (formerly I plan to maintain that blog, but to update this one on a much more regular basis with general reflections rather than shameless self-promotion.

The meaning of my blog name is both literal and symbolic: while I hope that I am in transit from being an emerging artist to taking on one of those other labels I dare not contemplate so early in my career, I also chose the name to celebrate the banal setting in which I ironically do the bulk of my creative reflection--it happens on public transit.

Between an hour-long commute on the bus and train to my job as an art librarian, and monthly plane rides or 12-hour bus rides to Canada, I log a lot of hours traveling with perfect strangers. While in transit--when I’m not resting--I make notes about art ideas or I read about art.

I consider myself a part-time artist, because I can only make work in fits and spurts when time allows, but I actually think about art most of the time. It helps to be married to an artist and to have an art-related job.

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